Rice Hall Banquet Show

Where?: Rice Banquet Hall

Atascocita Shopping Center

7040 B FM 1960 East

What?: There's going to be live bands, contests

(such as break-dancing, etc.), and drawings

where you can win cooool prizes.

Who?: SID, Kevin, J-RO, faster we fall, and iplaf.

How?: If you buy a ticket before the show from one

of us, you get a free peice of gatti's pizza.

Either way the tickets are going to be $7.

*call us to buy one: 832-878-8183. Ask for Zac.

PS: I'll be working the door, so make sure to say hello or something to me!! :)


i realize that this community is pretty..... empty. but whatever.
some friends of mine (yellow roman candles) are having their first show tomorrow night at fuel cyber cafe
entrance fee: $6
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check out this show

The Postcard View (debut show)

Christoph and the communist maniphesto
The Tie That Binds
Awaiting the fall
Faking forever

Saturday, April 3rd 2004
7:oo pm at Java Jazz Coffee House
$10, free drinks